Guest Blog with Author Amy Munnell

This month I’d like to introduce you to Amy Munnell, a Georgia writer who is one of the contributors to a wonderful new book called Saying Goodbye.

Q. What’s the intent of this book, and how did it come about?

AMY: Saying Goodbye is the first of a series of anthologies from the publisher Dream of Things, aimed at combining the style of today’s popular anthologies and the substance of the Best American Essays series. When series editor Mike O’Mary put out the call for submissions, more than 200 writers from across the globe responded. He and editor Julie Rember chose 31 essays that explored loss and grief from many different angles and in a variety of ways, including with humor.

Q. Tell us a little about the chapter you contributed.

AMY: My essay, “A Tree of Life,” looks at my inner struggles with my sister’s death when she was 12. Only 18 months apart, we shared the same disability with Marcia paving the way with our parents, in school and the community. I had it pretty easy living in Marcia’s shadow. After she died, life pushed me out front and center and I was overwhelmed. I share how discovering the busy daily life of a tree, planted with my sister’s ashes, helped to pull me out of the chaos of my depressed mind and still offers an escape when needed.

Q. Sounds like a good gift book for Christmas. Where is it available?

AMY: The holiday season intensifies the feelings of isolation in someone who has lost a loved one. Saying Goodbye can offer a sense of community and comfort from 31 authors who have shared that pain and understand. The book is available in trade paperback and PDF ebook from the Saying Goodbye website: The trade paperback can also be purchased through, or ordered through your favorite bookstore.

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